How do I watch VR Porn?

Start Here - Download VR Videos ( All Viewers )

To get the best quality, download 180 or 360 degree videos from popular VR Porn sites like Czech VR, Badoink or NaughtyAmerica.

For free but very short VR videos you can try Pornhub in their VR area. After you click on one of the videos, there is a VR button on the player that you can click on. Then click on 'download VR video'.

See below for viewing instructions for all headsets:

Watch VR Porn on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

Download Virtual Deskop from Steam. Fire it up and select your downloaded video file from the Video tab and enjoy watching it in realistic virtual reality. If you got the file from Pornhub make sure you set the video mode to Over Under. Otherwise use video mode Side by Side. Set the video projection to Dome.

Another method is to use Whirligig although we don't recommend it because videos will usually appear distorted. It's an option if you're very comfortable with computers and want to save the 15 bucks for Virtual Desktop. First download the free VR viewer. Then grab the latest K-lite codec pack. Install it first and then Whirligig. To reduce distortion you can find optimal settings by googling 'guide to vr porn on whirligig' or something similar.

Watch VR Porn on the Gear VR

Copy the files you downloaded to your phone, and watch them with a video player like Samsung VR. If the files are too large to fit on your phone you can stream them. To do that, you keep the files on your PC and run a streaming server like Plex. Then watch them on your phone using the Pigasus app.

Watch VR Porn on the PSVR

It's easy with the PSVR. Simply put the file on a USB drive, plug it in and then play it using Media Player in VR mode.

Watch VR Porn on Google Daydream

We recommend using the Pornhub app. After you install it, open the app, go to Categories, scroll to the bottom and select VR. Find a video you like and click the preview button. Then click the cardboard icon at the bottom right. The video should now open in Virtual Reality mode. Put your phone in the Daydream but don't close it yet, because the phone will automatically open the Daydream app and we don't want that. Close the Daydream app and bring the Pornhub app back up. Then close your phone and watch your video in sweet VR.


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Have a Rift, Vive, GearVR, Daydream or PSVR and want to check out super hot and realistic VR porn? Just follow the steps above and enjoy! You can download 3D porn files from sites like Naughty America, Czech VR, Badoink, Pornhub, NSFW Busters etc. This is a good way to experience the latest and greatest technology when its comes to virtual reality porn. There's some free stuff around but its usually worth paying a bit to get the best quality.